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Canine Behavior Education

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Are you curious about what dogs are thinking and feeling and why they react and behave in interesting ways?  Are you ready to move beyond "obedience" to a manner of living and working with dogs that includes understanding, compassion and communication with the goal of supporting their well-being? The knowledge and skills you will gain from this program will empower you and challenge you to be a better pet parent and dog professional. 

Come be a part of our community of educated canine advocates!

Canine Behavior Course

With the goal of helping more people nurture optimism, resiliency and a sense of purpose in dogs, this course is intended for both dog enthusiasts and dog professionals who are focused on the well-being of canines.  This ethological approach to canine behavior is unique in that we first uncover the "why" of dog behavior, then we look at the "how" to support behavior change, modify the environment and help to meet the needs of both dogs and their humans.  Offering an in-depth look at how dogs learn, the influences of the physical and social environment, canine genetics, development, cognition, sensory perception and more- you will leave this course with a clear understanding of how to better support dogs on the inside and outside.  There are weekly group Zoom classes, one-on-one check-ins and monthly live meet ups to discuss content and apply what we learn to real-life scenarios.

8- week course

Cost- $400

Mentorship:  Shadowing and Fieldwork

On-line learning is valuable, but there is nothing compared to the hands-on learning that happens during the shadowing and fieldwork phase.  This phase gives you the opportunity to observe and then participate in real-life behavior consults.  You will build your human and canine communication skills and be prepared to take on your own clients. This course is geared towards professionals who want to learn both training and consulting techniques from a master in the field.

10- week course

Cost- $800

Mentorship:  Case Studies and Certification

Are you ready to start your own business, fine tune your skills or develop a niche?  In this phase you will work directly with clients and with Kirsten's support, solve a behavior case from start to finish.  During weekly group meetings we will discuss the progress of your case, create a behavior plan and document your outcomes.  Once all three phases are complete, you will be eligible for certification and upon graduation you have a life-time of mentor support from Kirsten.

8- week course

Cost- $600

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